Labios de Trapo


BLACK ORGIES Black Orgies (SanguinaryArt)
Deep was sin in unconsiousness
Betrothed with passion and love
Shall I indulge my desires?
Taste of fear, lust for blood

Devour her to me arms tight
Caress with mouth and tongue
Sweet wounds
Macabre, Sodoma, Erotica
Dark arts of our nature
Temptations of savage ways

Wicked witch
Never fade her beauty
Watch her bleed
We are not equal
Condemned drama
Our path of despair
Scream as you wish
Poetry of cruelty

Karpathian Whore
Where the moonlight disturbs
I could see in dusk
My footsteps marked on the floor
Covered by dust
It glows in shades of blue
In the beams of full moon
It glows in shades of blue
In the beams of full moon
I saw her in the dark
Her teeth throwing sparks
Her body threw no shadow on the wall

She kneeled above me, savage beast
UntilI felt a movement of her body upon me
She arched her neck and licked her lips
Red tongue, as it licked her white shiny teeth
Make love with me until the end of life.

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